Sunday, May 31, 2009

The Savior Heals

In the last General Conference counsel was given to "become a student of the life of Jesus Christ". My attempt to take this direction to heart has included a renewed study of Jesus the Christ by James E. Talmage.

As I have studied, the sheer amount of healing the Savior did is shocking. Everywhere He went He healed. He healed by touch, He healed by statement, He even healed a lady who touched the hem of His garment. As I have thought about this I have pondered the message of his healing. For one, I believe He was showing His authority and blessing as many lives as He could.

However, as I thought more deeply I believe there is a real message for me. He truly is the master Healer. I may not need healing from sickness, or blindness, or dumbness...but as an addict I truly need to be healed. I need to be healed just as much as those who the Savior blessed. In fact, just as with those individuals, there is no physician or man who can heal me. There is only the Savior Jesus Christ.

He is healing me. He is the one who can and will take this affliction from me. As I study His life, I learn that His mission is to heal. The atonement is about healing from spiritual wounds and death. I am so grateful for the great Healer in my life. As I turn to Him, He heals me just as He healed so many in the Holy Land.

I love Him.