Wednesday, August 5, 2009


My oldest son started football practice this week. He came home from his first practice, dropped his helmet on the ground and slumped down on the couch. One arm had blood on it, he had a big bruise on the other arm, his head was drenched in sweat. He looked beat up. He sat there barely moving, layed his head back and closed his eyes. He looked so worn out I was a little concerned. So I walked up and asked "Hey, how are you doing?"

He opened his eyes. As looked at me, a huge smile crept over his face and he exclaimed,

"Man I LOVE football!"

He could barely contain his excitement as he talked to me about tackling and blocking and how good it felt to have the coaches yelling at him again.

It was one of those times I learned a powerful lesson from my kids.

Sometimes I feel beat up. Sometimes I feel like all the difficult things I need to do in life are just too much. Sometimes I feel like struggling to stay spiritual, while dealing with the wounds I've caused through my addictive behavior is overwhelming.

But you know what? "I LOVE life" I love the chance I have to get to know my Savior through the repentance process. I love the healing that has taken place in my marriage as we both strive to turn to the Lord. I love early morning time with the scriptures which gives me power and strength. I love my Savior Jesus Christ and his atonement for me.

Attitude. It really does make the difference. Today I resolve to be more like my kids. See the positive. Enjoy the experience. Be proud of a bump or a bruise or a bloody arm because it represents total effort as I strive to turn to the Lord.