Tuesday, January 13, 2009

The Addiction Recovery Program

One of the most powerful tools in my recovery has been my attendance at the Church Addiction Recovery Program. There are two powerful aspects to this program which have each been a wonderful blessing in my recovery process.

First, there are recovery meetings held at church houses and seminary buildings in locations all over the country. I have chosen to attend these meetings once a week, but many choose to go several times a week. These meetings are a place of calm, peace, and healing. People just like me who are struggling with the same addiction I am, meet to build each other up, share hope and faith, and listen to each other share about the joy that comes from turning ourselves over to the Lord.

When I first started going, it was a profound experience to meet other men who had struggled with this addiction for just as long as I had. As time went on, I learned that the great strength in the meetings was to see hope shine in the eyes of men who had suffered for so long. It gives me hope to see others stand up, admit their problem, and then talk about the blessings of the Lord which help them overcome the addiction.

Meeting night has become a highlight of my week. I feel the spirit and feel a renewed commitment to allowing the Savior to change me.

The other resource of the Addiction Recovery Program is a 78 page manual/workbook produced by the LDS Family Services. This workbook lays out the 12 steps in clear language. It also has writing exercises for each step. Much of the writing is done by recovered addicts. Their perspective brings a unique voice to the manual, a voice which demonstrates the power of following the steps.

I love the manual and I use if often in my studies. The writing sections have led to some of my greatest inspirations and moments with the spirit.

I would recommend this book to nearly everyone, but for those suffering from addiction it is nearly an essential tool to being guided back to the Savior.

I have a strong testimony of these programs, and will continue to work them throughout my life as I maintain recovery.

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Jazzam said...

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