Sunday, February 22, 2009


I am convinced perhaps one of the quickest ways to true personal change in the gospel of Jesus Christ is to serve others. So often our problems, concerns, or sins are tied up in selfishness. I know speaking for myself, my addiction to pornography is a completely selfish sin. Turning to those images may be one of the most selfish acts there is.

The quickest and easiest way out of selfishness is to serve others. By it's very nature, service is about someone else. Suddenly, as we serve, we feel for others. Our life becomes about someone else, about their happiness more than our momentary pleasure.

Whatever gospel change you are trying to make right now, I encourage you to find someone to serve, and then serve them diligently. It will have more affect on your ability to change and turn to Christ than almost anything else.


Your Brother in the Gospel said...

I completely agree. If I am ever having a difficult time, I try to find ways to serve: home teaching, serving my wife and children, magnifying my calling in the Church, or even just helping my neighbor. It is amazing the impact it has and ability it has to take away the desire to sin.

Taylor said...

What honest and authentic words on your blog. Thanks for being willing to share and be so open.

I read a beautiful post today about consecration. How it's possible to live it personally even if a society does not. I think that topic relates very well to your post here on service. I think you would enjoy reading it. You can read it here.