Sunday, December 14, 2008

I Am a Child of God

I teach primary with my wife;  it's a wonderful calling that we love.  The primary sacrament meeting program was a few weeks ago and the theme for the program was "I Am a Child of God".  We spent 10 months singing the songs for the program.  I heard the song "I Am a Child of God" so many times I think it was imprinted in my brain.  I love that song, I always have...but sometime during the year my mind become somewhat numb to it's meaning.  It was just another song we practiced over and over.

As we sat in the primary program, tried to keep our class quiet, and herded kids up to the front for their speaking part, the last thing on my mind was gaining anything new out of this program I had heard so many times.

Near the beginning the entire primary stood up to sing the song one last time.  "I Am a Child of God, and he has sent me here.  Has given me an earthly home, with parents kind and dear".  As I listened to these primary kids that we love sing those words, my heart was opened.  I felt the power of those words.  I really am a child of God, and he loves me.

He loved me through all of the dark days and struggles of my addiction, even when I seemed to fall every time I stood up.  He loved me as I haltingly turned to Him and asked Him for help.  He loves me now as I try to turn my life over to Him and become His disciple.  I am his child, he cares about me and will do anything to help me with the gospel change I need in my life.

I left Sacrament meeting that day with a new attitude, a new feeling of love in my heart.  I am his child and his love for me knows no bounds.

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Papa D said...

One of my earliest powerful spiritual experiences was in high school during an assembly while I watched a group of severely handicapped children sing "I Am a Child of God". I sat there and sobbed for what felt like forever - and, thankfully, my teacher allowed me to stay there until I had settled down and could return to class.