Sunday, June 28, 2009

Addiction is Devastating

In general, I like this blog to be about more than sexual addictions. All of us, whether suffering from addiction or not, have personal change that we are attempting in our lives. Addiction is one of the most difficult changes, and therefore can provide an opportunity to learn important lessons. But, I am hopeful these lessons can be applied by anybody seeking to make a change, large or small.

However, today I want to speak simply and from the heart.

Pornography and sexual addictions are devastating.

...They diminish free agency

...They make the addict feel worthless

...They turn the addict into a habitual liar who cannot be trusted

...They destroy happiness, trust, and support in a marriage

...They spend money with no regard for common sense

...They put the addict at risk of breaking laws they normally would never consider

...They densensitize the mind to the point where disgusting things become acceptable to the addict

...They destroy the ability to have the protection and peace of the Holy Ghost

...They can take away the privilige of sacred God-given opportunities such as exercising the priesthood, taking the sacrament and attending the temple

...They restrict the addicts opportunity to guide and teach his children

...They lead to divorce and a loss of those things that are the most precious in the addicts life

...They often lead to loss of employment

...and perhaps most damaging and difficult to deal with for me personally. They destroy the tender feelings of the incredible daughters of God in our lives. It can make them question their testimony, their emotions, and their trust.

I just want to make it clear. Addiction destroys lives, breaks up families, and reaks havoc wherever it rears it's head. If the fish hook of addiction is stuck in you, get it out. If you aren't in it, avoid anything that could draw you in.


Carol Brown said...

I am a volunteer for Citizens for Families and find you blog very informative about pornography addiction from the viewpoint of the addict. I speak to church and community group and appreciate your honesty and your wisdom.
Thanks for your posts.

Anonymous said...


Your thoughts and comments are very much appreciated. I have been looking at your blog and you have some great thoughts to share. Anybody who is fighting the battle against pornography addiction deserves great credit. I would like to do more.