Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Sentences to Ponder

How does this thought apply not only to those with addictions, but to anyone seeking to make the crucial changes which allow them to turn themselves over to God?

From Russel M. Nelson, Nov. 1988

Exercising the body and the spirit will aid in the climb toward recovery.
Appropriate physical activity helps to combat depression, which so often accompanies addiction.
But spiritual exercise is even more crucial. This battle will be more easily won with fervent prayer. If we truly “counsel with the Lord in all [our] doings, … he will direct [us] for good.” (Alma 37:37.)
Strength comes from uplifting music, good books, and feasting from the scriptures. Since the Book of Mormon was to come forth “when there shall be great pollutions upon the face of the earth” (Morm. 8:31), study of that book in particular will fortify us. President Benson has issued that challenge. Exercise the body and the spirit and choose to exercise faith in God.

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Carol Brown said...

I have discovered than when I am overwhelmed with sorrow, tribulation, or pain, prayer has been my lifeline. Some trials have exhausted me to the point that I have been too tired to read the scriptures, other than reflect on a verse. When I was caring for my dying mother, I was so worn out that prayer became my strength and my solace.