Friday, February 17, 2012

Recovery Quote

Let us not look back in anger or forward in fear, but around in awareness.

 - Thurber, James

So much wisdom in that quote for a recovering addict.  Learning the skill of the living in the moment is a real challenge for me. I leave to either beat myself up for the past, or be scared to death of messing up again in the future.  And that's when I am in my sane, recovery mindset. When I'm in addiction mode I can only think about the memories of past hits, and dream about the a future hit.

Finding the ability to live in the moment is empowering. Learning to recognize that a temptation is just that...a temptation. It doesn't mean my past will always haunt me, nor does it mean I will always fall to addiction. It's just a temptation in the moment. If I can see it in that light, it gives the temptation so much less power.

The same goes for my emotions. If I feel a difficult emotion, such as frustration, it will pass. However if I view it as an indicator of what my life will "always" be like, it's much harder to deal with.

Live in the moment. Realize that the moment will pass. Be aware of how I'm feeling in the moment. These are all skills I'm trying to develop. They are all skills critical to recovery for me.

- 16 days of sobriety.

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