Friday, October 19, 2012


Just a quick check in to report that I feel good...well wait, part of my recovery work has been identifying emotions beyond just using the words "good" or "fine".  So I'll say I feel...."Optimistic".

I had a bit of a tough day yesterday emotionally and with temptation. Nothing specific brought it on, I just struggled all day with feeling up and down emotions and with some desire to act out. Instead of internalizing all of these feelings (my usual action), I talked to my wife. She was helpful, hopeful, and made me laugh and feel loved.  All of which were a huge help for me.

I also had a good friend in recovery call me to talk about some resentfulness he was trying to get rid of. Being able to listen to someone else, and perhaps provide a little support and compassion, got me away from being focused on myself.

In the end, I went to bed feeling like it was a successful day. I felt peace. So unlike how I feel when I get frustrated and act out.

It was just 24 hours.  But it was 24 hours. And that's how a new life is built.

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