Thursday, October 30, 2008

Covenant Eyes

I just want to give a quick plug for a tool I have found very valuable in my recovery from pornography addiction. The tool is Covenant Eyes. Covenant Eyes is web tracking system which records every site visited. It is not a filter (at least the version I use). It doesn't attempt to block access to web sites, it simply records each site visited. I have set my wife up as my "accountability partner" so she has access to a report on all of my web activity.

The reason I like this tool is not because having a tracking system is the only way I can control myself. If I need web tracking in order to not look at pornography, then I am not truly recovering. The reason I like it, is because it helps shape me thinking. Other addicts will understand when I say the urge to indulge often comes over time. It starts small, perhaps brought on by an image from a TV show or by boredom. If the urge is not dealt with immediately and in a constructive way, it builds until I cannot control myself.

Covenant Eyes helps with that process. Because I don't have a computer with which I can indulge, the thought never really takes hold in my mind. My mind knows I can't dive into pornography at that moment, so it doesn't open itself to the possibility.

Covenant Eyes is not THE solution to pornography addiction. Jesus Christ is the solution. But Covenant Eyes is a very useful tool in the process of reshaping myself as a disciple of Christ, completely free from addiction.

P.S. I would recommend Covenant Eyes for any home computer. Even in households where pornography has not been a problem in the past. It is always better to be safe.


Dan and Wendy said...

Any home that has either a known addict in it or simply teenagers should have Covenant Eyes installed.

When I look at the accountability reports and something has a higher score than normal, I'll discuss it with my boys lovingly in a PPI. It's almost always something fairly harmless, i.e. youtube will always generate a high score regardless of what you're looking at.

The point is, they know that someone is concerned about their spiritual welfare and is trying to help them navigate the difficult currents of life.

And like you mentioned, at least at home, they know that they can't look at anything without me or my wife knowing about it.

If you have teenagers in your home, you can't afford not to have covenant eyes on your computers.

Luke said...

I'm glad you've found Covenant Eyes to be a valuable tool for recovering from pornography!

Please visit our blog to find articles and resources for those trapped in porn addiction:

Luke Gilkerson
Internet Community Manager
Covenant Eyes

Luke said...

Hello again!

You might also want to check out Covenant Eyes' newest video about the need for accountability in the church.

Check it out!