Sunday, October 5, 2008

The parable of the wheelbarrow

One day a man took a tightrope and stretched it across Niagara Falls. A crowd quickly gathered as the man walked out on the rope. He confidently took a few slow steps and then picked up the pace until he was in the middle of the rope. The crowd clapped at his daring and skill.

He stood in the middle, and suddenly executed a perfect cartwheel on the rope. This solicited more applause as the crowd watching grew larger. His next trick was a front flip, landing perfectly on the rope and never once losing balance. This truly impressed the crowd and they broke into full blown applause.

The man walked back to the edge of the canyon and grabbed a wheel barrow. He proceeded to push this wheel barrow out to the middle of the long rope. He stood there for a minute, and then did a hand stand with one hand, the other grasping the wheel barrow. The impressed crowd wondered what the next trick would be as the walker pushed the wheelbarrow back to the edge. He approached the crowd and singled out a man who was standing in front. This observer was enthusiastic in his cheering and whistling for the amazing stunts.

The performer looked at the man and asked "Do you believe I can push this wheelbarrow across the rope all the way to the other side of the falls?"

"Yes Sir, I do" came the reply.

The performer looked more solemn, and asked again "Do you truly believe I am capable of pushing this wheel barrow to the other side of this great, deep canyon?"

The man looked surprised by the question, but calmly stated "You are the most amazing tight rope walker I have ever seen. There is no doubt in my mind you can push the wheel barrow across the rope."

The tightrope walker bent down, picked up the handles, hefted the wheelbarrow and said "Good...climb in."

So it is with us. It is easy for me to believe God can change me. It is easy for me to believe if I follow the teachings of the prophet I will be blessed. It is easy for me to believe studying the scriptures every day will bless my life. It is often more difficult to live the principle or make the difficult change I know is required.

Faith without works is dead. Faith which includes a firm resolve to climb in whatever wheelbarrow is required of us, is alive and powerful.

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Mary A said...

I love this parable. Really makes me think! Thanks.