Monday, October 13, 2008

Lessons learned from Olympic Athletes

What distinguishes Olympic athletes from Olympic spectators? Well, talent for one. But there are a lot of talented people and many athletes with amazing abilities. Some of those incredible athletes compete in the Olympics, while others, with perhaps as much natural talent, watch from home. What distinguishes one from the other?

It is the activities they choose every single day of their life. The elite athlete chooses hard work every day. A swimmer chooses to wake up at 5:00 AM to dive in the pool rather than sleep in. A hurdler chooses to get on the track rather than sitting in front of the TV. A gymnast often chooses to leave their family and work 8 hours a day on their tumbling skills.

What is the lesson for us? I believe their is something simple which determines those who have a close spiritual relationship with the Lord, and those who don't. What is it about people who can making lasting spiritual change in their lives and those who can't?

Like the Olympic champions, it is the activities they choose every day of their life. It is choosing to pay a full tithing in faith rather than hold something back, it is kneeling morning and night in a prayer of faith pleading for the Lords help, it is being immersed in the scriptures every day, it is faithfully fulfilling a calling.

The small choices I made throughout today will determine my closeness to the Savior and my ability to make lasting change as I recover from my addiction.

The Olympic Marathon is not won by the athlete who spends one week committing to out run every other athlete, and then rests on his laurels. It is won by the runner who gets up every single day and does what is necessary.

Lasting gospel change (including addiction recovery) is not made by the person who commits to one week of complete gospel dedication. It is made by the humble disciple who follows Christ in thousands of simple ways every day of his life.

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Mary A said...

This is an inspiring post for me. I have often thought of how disciplined athletes must be and how much it would help me if I translated that daily discipline to my own life. Thanks for writing this.