Friday, December 31, 2010

My First Attempt at Poetry


Dark and dreary
Not knowing where to turn
Hollow and empty
It’s hard not to feel alone
Yet, there in the tunnel
Is a small shimmering light
I approach it with caution
Not daring to hope
Unable to run
Not feeling much strength
Moving my feet seems out of reach
Yet the light shines in front of me
And the one thing I know
I must discover it’s source
So slowly I move
Until pain shoots through my body
But move I must
Eternity passes
The light glimmers closer
Drawing my gaze
Suddenly beams break apart
I am blinded and slam shut my eyes
Was I deceived all along
Was it only an illusion
Trembling I open my eyes
Wondering if I can go on without the light
Only to find
It wasn’t one light
But many
Shining brightly in the dark
The people who love me
And want me to break free
The Savior who died for me
Shining brightest of all
So I move my feet forward again
A little bit faster now
With a glimmer of hope
Instilled in my heart

1 comment:

Papa D said...

This is beautiful. Thank you for sharing it.

You might like something my oldest daughter wrote recently entitled "He Saved Us, Anyway".