Sunday, September 26, 2010

The Fight for Agency

There are many kinds of addictions, and it is difficult for someone who has one of these serious addictions to change because some of them are mind-altering. A recent article on addiction said, “In the brains of addicts, there is reduced activity in the prefrontal cortex, where rational thought can override impulse behavior.” Some addictions can control us to the point where they take away our God-given agency. - James E Faust - Ensign, Nov. 2007

In the pre-mortal life we learn that we all fought a battle with Satan. There was one principle reason for this agency. At that point, I thought gaining my agency was important enough to side with my Savior and fight the powers of Satan.

Now here on this earth, I seem to be re-fighting that same battle. Addiction takes away my agency. I become a slave to the addiction and lose the ability to choose rationally. My battle to recover really is a battle against Satan for my agency. The same battle I fought all that time ago.

And the victory will come in the same way. By siding with my Savior.

It's interesting how Satan attacks agency so forcefully. Addiction, drugs, alcohol. All of these seem to have a way of taking away our ability to choose rationally. It's also interesting how through misuse of this precious agency...we can lose all that we fought so valiantly for.

In my mind now, I often consider how I willingly gave that agency up with choice after poor choice. And now I have to regain it with choice after wise choice...each of which involves leaning completely on my Savior.

It is a glorious blessing each time I realize that I truly can choose...and then I choose freedom through righteous choices.

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