Tuesday, January 18, 2011

False Beliefs

I recently finished reading Treating Pornography Addiction by Dr. Kevin B. Skinner. It's a terrific book, with many thought provoking ideas about recovering from a sexual addiction.

He spends a lot of time talking about the false beliefs which enable an addiction. Dr. Skinner discusses the fact that while buried in the addictive cycle, it is our false beliefs which allow us to give in to the addiction. These false beliefs play directly in to the addicted part of the brain. Combine them with the extremely strong cravings of addiction, and it is a recipe for disaster.

In the book, he asks the addicts to analyze their false beliefs. This analysis starts with recognizing what they are.

So here is my effort to identify a number of my false beliefs regarding my addiction, both in my life in general, and when the desire to act out has become very strong.

False Beliefs

1) I cannot over come this addiction, it is too ingrained in me and there is no way out.
2) The damage done if I act out this time will not be THAT bad.
3) I won't get caught and I will be able to keep acting out a secret.
4) Acting out is the only way to ease the pain that I feel.
5) I will feel better after I act out.
6) There is a "secret formula" to recovery.
7) I do not need to reach out to others when I struggle.
8) If others see me as I really am, they will reject me.
9) I can get by with minimal effort.
10) Sharing my emotions is too dangerous.
11) If I've come this far into thinking about acting out, I can't stop now, it's inevitable that I will get online.

In a subsequent post I will try to break some of these beliefs down, and see what reality is.

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